Joining the jury of the LIS research priorities discussion

Being a juror entails participating in some (or all) of the following processes:


  1. Score 3-15 short-proposals (1-5 sentences each) for the research priorities of life improvement science according to a social impact assessment rubric provided by us.When: June 20-26

  2. Encouraged:

  3. Participate in 1-3 live discussions via Zoom.When: June 11-13 (10:00-12:30 am EST)

  4. Register for the free Life Improvement Science (LIS) online conference to participate in the live discussions and other recommended/optional activities.When: by June 9

  5. Write short formative feedback on one or more of the proposals to help the proposers improve them.When: June 1-13

  6. Optional:

  7. Contribute 1-2 paragraphs on the jury’s assessment of 1-2 proposals to a many-author position paper on which questions the behavioral sciences should prioritize to lay the scientific foundation for furthering the long-term flourishing of humanity. When: Month of July

  8. Screen a limited number of proposals to nominate up to 3 that should be discussed at the LIS conference.When: by June 1

  9. Spot new research questions at the LIS conference, nominate them via an online form, and potentially summarize them in the research priorities discussion.When: June 9-13

  10. Discuss proposed questions in a public discussion forum on Slack.When: June 9-13

Jurors can choose how many proposals you want to score and what else you want to contribute.

Being a juror and proposing research questions are not mutually exclusive.

If you would like to apply to be on the jury, please send an email with the subject line "Research Priorities Jury" to and use this email to explain your motivation and relevant qualifications.