Call for Submissions

The Life Improvement Science conference invites abstracts for talks, posters, tutorials, symposia, panel discussions, and other events on topics relevant to life improvement science. There will be two types of talks: short presentations (15 min) and longer thematic talks on big ideas (30 min). A virtual poster session will be held at We especially encourage contributions that further the dialogue about what the most important open questions of life improvement science might be and how they can be addressed. Your talk or panel discussion could highlight one or more important questions that life improvement science should address or present findings, methods, or ideas relevant for addressing open questions about well-doing, optimal personal development, and reducing ill-doing, such as these.

The final abstract submission deadline has been extended to April 25, 2021, at 23:59 Anywhere On Earth time. Your abstract can be up to 500 words long. To submit your abstract please use this form.

Participant organized sessions:

In addition to these peer-reviewed submissions, participants can also organize meet-ups, group discussions, focus groups, and question sessions via this form. The deadline for submitting proposals for participant-organized sessions is May 25.

  • Focus groups will bring together conference participants to collaborate on important intellectual or practical challenges throughout the conference and will have the opportunity to present their results at the end of the conference.

  • Question sessions start with the organizer asking a thought-provoking question (1-2 minutes) followed by the other participants pondering the question and then sharing their answers.

  • Group discussions can focus on any topic relevant to Life Improvement Science.

For both group discussions and focus groups, you can either propose your own topic or volunteer to moderate a discussion on one of these topics.