Conference How-To

Conference overview

The conference will take place virtually. We will provide all necessary information of necessary software and the links to join talks and socializing sessions via email.

  • Information about Life Improvement Science (LIS) and the conference: You can find information about LIS, and the conference here: LINK

  • Research priorities: You can suggest research priorities for life improvement science and comment on other people’s suggestions here: LINK

  • Conference schedules: We will let you know when the schedule is available on the Website. In addition, a week before the conference, we will send you a summary of the schedule, the talks, and the necessary zoom links via email.

  • Information about talks: You can find detailed information about speakers, keynotes, symposia, talks, and poster sessions on our website. LINK

  • Socializing events:

    • To communicate freely with other conference attendees, we will provide a LIS Slack workspace. We will invite you to join the Slack workspace about one week before the conference starts and will provide you with the instructions to set up the software.

    • If you participated in the interest matching survey, we will send you an email with the names of your matching peers, schedules, and links to the meetings. You will receive this email about one week before the conference.

    • In addition, coffee breaks will be hosted in Gathertown. A social platform that allows you to virtually approach other attendees and talk in groups. We will provide the links necessary to join coffee breaks via Slack, Google Calendar, and in the conference summary we will send you via email.

Attending the conference: The conference will take place in Zoom. For better orientation when sessions run in parallel, each event will be hosted in either the “green” room or the “white” room. You will find the exact link and color corresponding to each talk in the webpage, google calendar, and on the conference summary which we will send you via email.