As of Spring 2022, the core members of the Research Priorities Project are

  • Falk Lieder

  • Izzy Gainsburg

  • Philipp Schönegger

  • Emily Corwin-Renner

Additional collaborators contributing to developing the project's prioritization methods include

  • Joel McGuire gives us feedback on our cost-effectiveness analyses

  • Louis Tay advises us on topics related to well-being, measurement, and methodology

  • Isabel Thielmann contributes expertise about research on promoting prosocial behavior and morality.

  • Mike Prentice contributes expertise on psychometrics and research on human values and moral behavior.

  • John Wilcox contributes expertise on research about change making.

  • Will Fleeson contributes expertise on psychometrics and research on moral character.

Moreover, many behavioral scientists and effective altruists have been involved in identifying, describing, and scoring potential research topics. A partial list of these contributors is available here.